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Web Consultant Training Course

Web Design & Deveploment: 60%

E-Commerce & Ditigal Marketing: 40%

Course Duration

Duration: 100 hours

Requirement: Basic knowledge of computer, Web & Internet surfing.


Become an expert in web design and development, electronic commerce, online business marketing and management.

Student will learn how to create website using WordPress themes, E-Commerce website that include payment gateway and promote any business online.

Web Consultant Training - Course Outline:

Fundamental Design Principles
Philosophy of Design
Principles of Effective Web Design

Internet & World Wide Web
The Internet
Electronic Mail
Web Server and Internet Browser

Web Programming Basics
Web Programming Languages
Web File, Page and Directory
Web Code Editors

Web Design using CMS
CMS Website Development I Introduction
Introduction to Wordpress

Using Web Programming Language
Web Copier and Editor Software
Web Design using HTML5 CSS3 & JavaScript

Website Development
Static and Dynamic Website
Static Website Development Process
Dynamic Website Development Process
CMS Website Development II

E-Commerce Website Development
Electronic Commerce Business Models
Ecommerce Website Planning & Development
Ecommerce Website Payment System
Electronic Currencies

Web Development Software Tools
Web Code Editors
Web Builders
Web Copiers
FTP Softwares
Webmaster Tools
Servers in Web Development
Web Server
DNS Server
Database Server
Mail Server
FTP Server
WAMP Web Server

Database in Web Development
Database Management System
SQL & Mysql Database
Server-side scripting in php Website Form, URL & Mail

Web Host and Domain Name
DNS - Domain Name System
Web Hosting
Email Hosting
Domain Name
Web Hosting Servers

Digital Marketing
Marketing Strategy Planning
Marketing Strategy Planning
Types of Digital Marketing
Business Promotion (Local & International)

Website Security
Introduction of Information Security
Website Security Techniques: Tools and Services
Website Data Backup & Restore
Email Security

Major Projects
Web Hosting Business Management
E-commerce Business Management
Digital Marketing Management






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