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Cyber Forensics Training Course

Cyber Crime: 60%
Cyber Forensics Investigation: 30%
Forensic Data Recovery: 5%
Internet Scam & Financial Crime: 5%

Course Duration

Duration: 80 hours

Requirement: Basic knowledge of computer hardware & networking and Web & Internet surfing.


Become a cyber crime investigator, understand the types of cyber crimes and how to investigate them using tools and techniques for investigating cyber crimes.

This course introduces learner to the types of cyber crimes and how to investigate them using tools and techniques for investigating cyber crimes. Student will understand foresics process for evidence handling and how to establish and operate a cyber forensics lab.

Cyber Forensics Training - Course Outline

Forensics Science
Computer Forensics
Cyber Crime
Cyber Crime Investigation
Corporate Investigations
Reporting a Cyber Crime

Computer Forensics Investigation Process
Investigating Computer Crime
Build a Forensics Workstation
Building the Investigation Team
Build a Computer Investigation Toolkit
Steps to Prepare for Investigations
Computer Forensics Investigation Methodology

Searching and Seizing Computers
Searching and Seizing without a Warrants
Searching and Seizing with a Warrant

Digital Evidence
What is Digital Evidence
Types of Digital Data
Rules of Evidence
Electronic Devices and Digital Evidence
Digital Evidence Examination Process

First Responder Procedures
Electronic Evidence and First Responder
First Responder Toolkit
Securing and Evaluating Electronic Crime Scene
Conducting Preliminary Interviews
Documenting Electronic Crime Scene
Collecting and Preserving Electronic Evidence
Packaging and Transporting Electronic Evidence
Reporting the Crime Scene

Computer Forensics Lab
Setting up a Computer Forensics Lab
Investigative Services in Computer Forensics
Computer Forensics Hardware
Computer Forensics Software

Hard Disks and File Systems
Hard Disk Drive Overview
Understanding File Systems
Popular Linux File Systems
Mac OS X File System

Windows Forensics
Collecting Volatile and Non-volatile Information
Windows Memory and Registry Analysis
Cache, Cookie, and History Analysis
MD5 Calculation
Windows File and Metadata Analysis
Server Text Based Logs
Forensic Analysis of Event Logs
Windows Password Cracking

Data Acquisition and Duplication
Data Acquisition and Duplication Concepts
Data Acquisition Types
Acquisition Best Practices
Data Acquisition Software Tools
Data Acquisition Hardware Tools

Recovering Deleted Files and Deleted Partitions
Recovering Files Deleted on Windows
File Recovery in MAC OS X
File Recovery in Linux
Recovering the Deleted Partitions

Forensics Investigation using Access Data FTK

Forensics Investigation Using EnCase

Steganography and Image File Forensics
How Steganography Works
Legal and Illegal Use of Steganography
Types of Steganography

Application Password Crackers
Password Cracking Concepts
Application Software Password Cracker
System Software Password Cracker

Log Capturing and Event Correlation
Computer Security Logs
Windows Log File
Server Log
Event Correlation

Network Forensics, Investigating Logs and Investigating Network Traffic
Network Forensics
Log Injection Attacks
Investigating and Analyzing Logs
Investigating Network Traffic
Traffic Capturing and Analysis Tools

Investigating Wireless Attacks
Wireless Technologies and Common Attacks
Investigating Wireless Attacks
Wi-Fi Forensics

Investigating Web Attacks
Introduction to Web Applications and Webservers
Examining Web Server
Examining Event View in Windows
Investigating Web Attack in Windows

Tracking Emails and Investigating Email Crimes
Email Crime
Analyzing Email Headers and Trace Email Origin
Investigating Email Crime

Mobile Forensics
Different Mobile Devices
Mobile Operating Systems
Mobile Forensic Investigation Process
Mobile Forensics Software Tools
Mobile Forensics Hardware Tools

Investigating Internet Scam and Financial Crime
Common Types of Internet Scams
Bank and Corporate Fraud
Investigating Internet Scam
Investigating Financial Crime

Report Writing
Report Writting Stpes

Expert Witness






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