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What I am all about.

Cyber Security Engineer with several years of experience in Information Systems Security Engineering. Offering and working experience in cyber security related services. Capable of working with variety of tools used for Cyber Security Solution.

As a Cyber Security Engineer, i do analysis and capable to do work on:

Penetration Testing: Web Application Penetration Testing (Web Server, Database and Authentication Security) and Infrastructure Security Testing.
Digital Forensics: eDiscovery, Device Rescue & Malware Security, Forensic Data Recovery (Deleted or Corrupted File Recovery, PC Attack Recovery, Email Attack Recovery, Domain & Website Attack Recovery, Network Attack Recovery).
Cyber Investigation: Windows User Activities Analysis, Windows Application and Web Browser Activities Analysis and Network User Activities Monitoring. Cyber Attack Investigation and Investigation on Email, Social Media, Website, IP Address / Network / Server / Computer and Cellular Phone. E-Commerce and Online Transaction, Bank Fraud, Online Trade & Finance and Internet Scams.
IT Security: Web Security, Host Based (Anti-Malware Management, Data Encryption, Optimization, Repair, Update, Patch and Risk Scan) and Network Based (Router Security, i.e: GUI UTM Routers, Cisco Routers and other Firewall Routers), Network Monitoring and Management.


Microsoft Windows Security

Protect and Rescue PC from viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. System slow down and Start up problem repair, System Update, Patch and Potential Risk Scan. File and Disk Encryption for securing Data.

Network Security

Network Security Policy Implementation, Firewall Administration, Router Configuration and Network Activities Monitoring. Application of Basic Network Security Configuration on LAN Router and Advanced configuration on UTM Routers. Network Security Testing (External and Internal Test)

Web Development and Security

Secure Web Coding and Web Development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, SQL and WordPress Development. eCommerce Web Development. Installation and Application of Security Update in Web Server, Database Security, Website & Domain Name Security, Installation of Web Security Services i.e:, SSL for Encryption, SiteLock for Malware Scan and CodeGuard for Back Up. Web Access Control Security and Brute-force Testing.

Cyber Forensics Investigation

Hacking Investigation, Investigation of User's full activities on a computer and Storage Media, Network Monitoring for suspicious activities, Social Media Suspect Profiling, IP Address, Email Owner Tracing, Authentication and Origin tracking, Counterfeit Website Identity Investigations; Determining the Person(s) Responsible for Slanderous or Harmful Website, Corporate & Individual Intelligence Gathering, Financial Crime and Internet Fraud Investigation.


Web & eCommerce Development
Computer Network Adminitration
C & Python Programming
Linux Administration
Microsoft Windows Administration
Network Security Testing
Web Application Security Testing
Digital Forensics & Investigation

Service offering

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